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A Quick Space Travel (2020)

This is a quick twine game made mainly for experimentation.  While twine has a heavy emphasis on texts and words as well as story flow, I made this game mainly to experiment with fonts, images and a little bit of java scripts to see how they play into short story-telling. 


1only (2021)

This is another experimental game using unity 3D inspired by some of my weird dreams. For this game my main intention was to create dream-like spaces that are surreal and ambiguous. The game (as its title suggests) only has one protagonist and discusses what makes up an individual. What are each of us made up of? Mind? Soul? Religion? Belief? Memory? Emotions? 

bg (1)_edited.jpg

Catching Up (2021)

Catching Up is a game that explores the differing perspectives between a group of friends reconnecting over a coffee date. It takes on the appearance and gameplay of a visual novel, with several minigames interspersed that offer in-depth feelings for the player to experience based on the struggles of each character. This game is a collaborative project made for Uchicago 2021 Critical Video Game Studies.

#Many thanks to my two teammates Isaac and Amory for making this happen! 

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