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Music Visualizer in AR

This AR project is made during the fall of 2021 for Augmented Reality Production taught by professor Marc Downie at the University of Chicago.  Special thanks to my teammate Andre Dang for offering technical support. The project is coded in Field which is an environment supported by professor Marc Downie.  

The program first automatically detects if the user is in a room with a detectable ceiling. It requests a world map with scanned anchors (the user has to first go around the room and scan planes and corners) and determines the height of the room by taking the maximum value of the calculated vector lengths according to the anchors. 


Some pieces of the coding in Field

If the program successfully detects the height of the room (locates the ceiling),  it would then start to generate colorful thin bars that seem to drop off from the ceiling. The design choice is inspired by the stalactites growing down from the cave ceilings. The color of each bar is determined by the frequency of the music at each second (specifically the frequency area with the maximum intensity) As more bars are generated, they expand outwards to form a circular geometry. The position of the next generating bar is determined by an inductive polar coordinate (shown in the codes below)


Induction in polar coordinates with a constant angle theta

Here is a video demonstrating the running program. Please allow me to apologize for the bad sound quality due to recording issues on phone. The music used here is Crab Rave. The program could be used for local hosts to play their favorite music in a local folder and visualize their music in AR-supported browsers. 

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