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This stop-motion animation is made during the summer of 2021 and I was inspired by adaptations of traditional Tetris games (like 3D Tetris).  For my personal "adaptation", I decided to make Tetris out of both 2D common sprites/icons and 3D common objects. While Tetris is famous for its beauty in geometry, I am curious about how such geometry could be found in daily life. This video also explores new interactions between objects under a Tetris-like setting. (more complex interactions other than simple accumulation and cancellation)

work progress.PNG

The first part of the animation was shot frame by frame in Adobe Illustrator (the video plays about 2.5 frames a second) The second part is composed of photos shot on my bedsheet (which has a similar grid pattern as the one in the illustrator)

A screenshot of work progress


This stop-motion animation is also made during the summer of 2021. Through this experimentation, I intend to explore the relationship between digital and real. The video could be apparently viewed as a representation of currency flow in the digital market, as well as a critique of capitalism (countless ads, demands, consumerism-related content on the internet) The form of collage allows me to put together familiar imageries into unfamiliar contexts and shapes in order to create a sense of strangeness. 

Similar to the Tetris video, this animation was shot frame by frame in Adobe Illustrator. However, the frame rate is much faster (at about 7 frames/sec) in order to make the movement of the coin smoother. 

work process1.PNG

A screenshot of work progress

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